We Buy

We Buy

Omni Jewelcrafters is in the business of selling gold and diamonds. not buying. However, of late, too many customers have told us of their horrific experiences at the hands of shysters. who not only cheat them on value of their jewellery, but do so in extremely rude and offensive way. As a result, Omni Jewelcrafters has entered the arena. Our commitment to you is that we will pay top dollar for your gold and diamonds.

We will make the entire transaction totally transparent, weighting your jewellery right in front of your eyes, taking you through the mathematical calculation clearly and precisely, explaining to you how we arrive at our offer and providing you with alternatives to our offer, including the names af our competitors. We will pay you in cash, on the spot. No dollar volume is too big or too small.

Most importantly. we will treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve. Selling your jewellery, for whatever reason, is not a pleasant task. We will do what we can to make it the least bit unpleasant. And, someday soon, you will be buying jewellery again, and you will remember us.

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